Delhaize Overijse

Date:  Friday, September 27, 1985 at 8:35 p.m.

Location: 399 Bruxelles Road, Overijse

The Killers drive to a second store on the same night, wearing the same French politician masks. The violence escalates as they shoot and kill a terrified boy in the parking lot, grab another hostage, and shoot a man trying to escape to his car as they cross the parking lot. When a cashier can't get a register open, she is shot, as is a customer near her, seemingly for no reason. The Giant fires indiscriminately as they exit. As they walk out the doors, he shoots at a man who happened upon the store and kills the hostage before getting in their car and leaving the scene.

Loot:  2,511,103 BEF

Casualties: 5 dead, some wounded


  • Three perpetrators

    Three perpetrators

    Typically includes the Old Man, the Giant and the Psycho....


  • Supermarket hold up

    Supermarket hold up

    Armed robbery.  The cashes in front and the safe in the back office are emptied....


  • Ingram 9 X 19 mm (9mm-3)

    Ingram 9 X 19 mm (9mm-3)

    A Caliber 9 X 19 mm Ingram was stolen from at the Wavre gun shop in September 1982. The Ingram...


  • Mask 23

    Mask 23

    Dark hat.  Carnival mask....


  • Pump action shotgun (SG-2)

    Pump action shotgun (SG-2)

    Winchester X cal 12 - 3" Magum Winchester Western X - Super 17/8-2  3" Magnum Legia caliber 12 FN 12...


  • Pump action shotgun (SG-1)

    Pump action shotgun (SG-1)

    The Brabant Killers shot with the following ammo: Winchester X cal 12 - 3" Magum Winchester Western X - Super...


  • Volkswagen Golf 3

    Volkswagen Golf 3

    The Golf was stolen in Erps Kwerps.  It was probably used for the double supermarket attacks of Braine l'Alleud and...