Braine L’Alleud Delhaize

Date:  Friday, September 27, 1985 at 8:10 p.m.

Location: 5 Graignette Road, Braine-l’Alleud

The Insane Killers wear masks of French politicians and cross the Delhaize parking lot. They take a 12-year-old boy hostage and shoot a father and son before entering the store. They kill two more people inside, empty the vault, fire shots, and finally exit the store. The hostage is unharmed and released when they get back out to the parking lot.

Loot:  776,000 BEF

Casualties:  3 dead, 1 critically wounded


  • Three perpetrators

    Three perpetrators

    Typically includes the Old Man, the Giant and the Psycho....


  • Supermarket hold up

    Supermarket hold up

    Armed robbery.  The cashes in front and the safe in the back office are emptied....


  • Ingram 9 X 19 mm (9mm-3)

    Ingram 9 X 19 mm (9mm-3)

    A Caliber 9 X 19 mm Ingram was stolen from at the Wavre gun shop in September 1982. The Ingram...


  • Mask 23

    Mask 23

    Dark hat.  Carnival mask....


  • Pump action shotgun (SG-1)

    Pump action shotgun (SG-1)

    The Brabant Killers shot with the following ammo: Winchester X cal 12 - 3" Magum Winchester Western X - Super...


  • Volkswagen Golf 3

    Volkswagen Golf 3

    The Golf was stolen in Erps Kwerps.  It was probably used for the double supermarket attacks of Braine l'Alleud and...