Date:  Thursday, March 3, 1983 at 7:30 p.m.

Location: 300 Enghien Road, Halle

All three assailants enter the store, shoot at the ceiling, and tell everyone to get on the floor. They are wearing dark ski masks and dark makeup around their eyes. One of the Killers takes the manager to the office and empties the vault before shooting the manager in the throat and leaving him for dead. It is uncertain whether there was an altercation with the manager or if the Killer shot on impulse. It is thought to be the most senseless killing of the First Wave, as it seems unprovoked.



  • Caliber .38

    Caliber .38

    Winchester .38 SPL Metal Piercing 150 gr .38 SPL SFM .38 SPL CCI Speer Soft flat nose .38 is slightly...


  • Three perpetrators

    Three perpetrators

    Typically includes the Old Man, the Giant and the Psycho....


  • Supermarket hold up

    Supermarket hold up

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  • Caliber 9mm Pistol (9mm-1)

    Caliber 9mm Pistol (9mm-1)

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  • Volkswagen Golf 1

    Volkswagen Golf 1

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