Date:  Friday, February 11, 1983 at 7:10 p.m.

Location:  13 Albert Ier Avenue, Genval

During this robbery, the Insane Killers wear carnival masks, while one wears a dark ski mask. They enter the store, order a cashier to take them to the office, where they obtain the contents of the safe. As they leave the manager obstructs their exit, quite by accident, and is told to lay on the ground. An unsuspecting shopper in the parking lot draws their attention and takes cover under his car dashboard just before the perpetrators drive away. Several bullets hit his car and breaks his window. This is the first supermarket robbery officially linked to the Insane Killers.

Loot:  692,394

Casualties: None


  • Audi 100

    Audi 100

    Color: white...


  • Caliber .38

    Caliber .38

    Winchester .38 SPL Metal Piercing 150 gr .38 SPL SFM .38 SPL CCI Speer Soft flat nose .38 is slightly...


  • Three perpetrators

    Three perpetrators

    Typically includes the Old Man, the Giant and the Psycho....


  • Supermarket hold up

    Supermarket hold up

    Armed robbery.  The cashes in front and the safe in the back office are emptied....


  • Peugeot 504

    Peugeot 504

    Used only for the Genval Delhaize supermarket robbery....


  • 357 Magnum Revolver

    357 Magnum Revolver

    Three 357 Magnum revolvers were stolen from Dekaise, including one Ruger and two Smith & Wessons. Remington 357 Mag Metal...


  • Caliber 9mm Pistol (9mm-1)

    Caliber 9mm Pistol (9mm-1)

    A more powerful cartridge than the smaller 7.65mm that is often used by Belgian police at the time.  The 9mm...


  • Mask 6

    Mask 6

    Dark ski mask....