Maubeuge Grocery (France)

Date:  Saturday August 14, 1982, 3h25 a.m.

Location:  Piot Grocery Store, 44 Nations Square, Maubeuge (France)

This is the first grocery store robbery they will commit, however, it is nowhere near the last. Grocery stores seem to be their favorite place to commit further, more savage crimes in the future. This time, a third man accompanies them and remains near the getaway car while his two accomplices break in and steal hundreds of bottles of alcohol, tea, and foie gras.

When officers arrive on the scene, the Killers begin shooting, critically wounding one of the officers.

Loot: Bottles of alcohol

Casualties: One critically wounded police officer



  • Caliber 7.65 (7.65-1)

    Caliber 7.65 (7.65-1)

    The 7.65mm is the equivalent of the .32 ACP or .32 Auto in Europe.  It's used in small pistols.  It is not a very...


  • Three perpetrators

    Three perpetrators

    Typically includes the Old Man, the Giant and the Psycho....


  • Volkswagen Santana 1982

    Volkswagen Santana 1982

    The actual Santana used was a dark metallic blue. It's a European sedan variant of the Volkswagen Passat.  It was...


  • Mask 5

    Mask 5

    Ski mask....


  • Mask 2

    Mask 2

    Dark balaclava....