Dinant Gun Shop

Date:  Saturday afternoon, March 13, 1982

Location: Bayard Gun Shop, n°57-59 Sax Street, Dinant

This seemingly small crime has been linked to the stream of more violent offenses committed by the  Brabant Killers. On this Saturday, they slip into a shop and hide from the shopkeeper before stealing a duck hunting rifle and fleeing on foot. No one was injured and was committed outside of the area of the later crimes.  It would be the only crime they perpetrated in this general vicinity.

Loot: one 10-gauge hunting shotgun



  • Two perpetrators

    Two perpetrators

    Typically the Psycho and the Old Man....


  • Centaure Caliber 10 Duck hunting rifle

    Centaure Caliber 10 Duck hunting rifle

    A very large and heavy rifle that has a big recoil.  It's purpose is for hunting fowl.  Would garner little...


  • Dinant


    Town South East of the area where the Brabant Killers usually operate....