Carjacking in Plancenoit

Date:  Monday, February 14, 1983 at 7:20 p.m.

Location: 8 Versailles Avenue, Plancenoit

Genevieve Van Lindh drives home to Plancenoit from her workplace in Ixelles. As she pulls into her driveway a dark-colored Peugeot pulls up behind her. The Insane Killer jumps out of the Peugeot as soon as Genevieve exits the car and demands she place her keys on top of her brand new dark-colored Volkswagen Golf, fresh off the dealership floor. She is also instructed to lay face down on the ground. Once she complies with both directives, she hears both vehicles speed away.



  • Volkswagen Golf 1

    Volkswagen Golf 1

    Brand-new Volkswagen GOLF Rabbit dark grey metal. 4 door hatchback. Sunroof. Tinted windows....