Houssières Forest

Date:  November 11, 1985

Location:  Houssière Forest, Braine-Le-Comte

The charred remains of the Golf stolen from the dealership in Erps Kwerps are found shortly after the men were seen dumping bags at the canal. The backseat, back frame, and radio have been removed and some used 12-caliber casings are found inside. It is likely the car was driven into the forest and torched immediately following the canal sighting.


  • Houssières Forest 2

    Houssières Forest 2

    Forest of about 1600 acres....


  • Houssières Forest 1

    Houssières Forest 1

    Forest of about 1600 acres....


  • Car set on fire

    Car set on fire

    The Brabant Killers typically get rid of their cars by torching them in a forest....


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    Volkswagen Golf 3

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