1983 – Discovery of Audi in Ixelles

Date:  Thursday, March 3, 1983 at 11 a.m.

Location:  52 Lesbroussart Road, Ixelles

The Audi that was shot at during the Genval Delhaize robbery was riddled with bullet holes. The driver was spared by ducking below the dashboard at the time. It had been seized by police and taken to a local repair shop for repair and to await forensic analysis. However, the vehicle was stolen from the repair shop. Other vehicles were moved in order to extract this car alone. Sometime later, it was found in Ixelles off Flagey Square. Curiously, the bullet holes were repaired, bullet fragments removed and the car body fixed.  It is believed, but never proven, that the Brabant Killers took the car to cover forensic evidence linking them to the crime.

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