The Mystery

The Insane Killers mystery is still officially unsolved. It’s one of the biggest unsolved mysteries in the world. In March 2018, the number of investigators dedicated to the Brabant Killers was raised to 30. There are also four state prosecutors involved. There has always been at least one investigative cell hard at work on the case since 1985, the date of the last murder.

Original Headlines

Chicago Tribune - December 5 - 1985

New York Times - November 14 - 1985



It’s certainly one of the few unsolved mysteries where authorities have deployed many resources over such a long a period of time and not solved the case. The case of the Brabant Insane Killers also has a major political twist, as many have long suspected the attacks were sponsored directly by Washington, NATO, or some other Western Intelligence Agency. Other suspects have included VIP pedophile rings and royalty.

Terrorism and secret armies?

The eighties saw a series of terrorist-style attacks hit Europe. The attacks were terrible, but responsibility was never claimed by any entity. These include the Munich Oktoberfest bombing in Germany in 1980 that killed 26 people and wounded more than two hundred, and the Bologna train station bombing in Italy that killed 85 people and wounded more than two hundred in 1981. One year later, the Brabant Insane Killers started their attacks. The casualties were not as high as the Bologna bombing, but the fact the reign of terror by the Insane Killers goes on and on for three years, striking terror in the population is perhaps greater.

There were disclosures that for decades NATO, the CIA, M16, and other Western Intelligence Services had built up, funded, and developed secret armies inside every European country. These countries were not operated by each country’s military. Ministers, secretaries of states, the media, and the public—no one knew that secret cells were built in each country. These secret soldiers were armed and had state-of-the-art means of communication. Officially, they just had to wait for an invasion from Russia, and then in each European country occupied by Communist Russia, they would organize the resistance. But the Russians never invaded. Which begs the question, what did these armed secret soldiers do during all these years? They just waited and waited? Did any of these secret army soldiers just decide to go rogue and commit atrocities for personal gain? Were they used to commit terrorist acts on behalf of Western intelligence agencies like the CIA?

The Insane Killers

Their crimes

The public was spooked by the random attacks and the helplessness of the authorities to prevent or predict them. All the supermarkets in the country ended up preparing for attacks by the Insane Killers: The stores were all secured and the police put snipers with infrared goggles on the roofs of supermarkets. Still, the Killers found a way to strike a Delhaize supermarket—and no one could do anything about it. They didn’t discriminate between men, women, or children. They killed, kicked, and brutalized, pulled hair and forced victims to walk on their knees. Horrified onlookers witnessed heads being blown off and brain matter dripping off supermarket ceilings.

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