The true identities of the Brabant Killers have never been determined.  The murders are still officially unsolved.

The Brabant Killers developed their own specific serial killer branding. They attacked Delhaize supermarkets in the evenings just before closing time, arriving in a stolen, dark Volkswagen Golf GTI. They were always a group of three with one noticeably so much larger than the others that witnesses called him a giant. The Killers wore dark trench coats, black bell hats, and carnival masks. They never hurried, never ran, and always seemed cool and collected as they emptied the front cash registers and the back-office vault. They carried pump-action rifles, which they used to shoot indiscriminately at employees and customers inside and outside the store, and they carried several other weapons strapped around their bodies.

The Killers always reused the same weapons, so it was extremely easy to link all their attacks forensically. Each time they robbed a supermarket, the Killers indiscriminately grabbed hostages and hit bystanders. All three Killers always proceeded to the store; they never left anyone behind in the getaway car. After robbing the supermarkets, the Killers would slowly walk back to their car, often parked far from the front doors, and disappear into the dark.

There are many suspects, theories, and much speculation. Due to the corruption of evidence, the passage of time, and mishandling of information these deranged maniacs have never been officially identified.



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